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    Professional composite mold manufacturer









    Suase's more than 20 years of industry experience

    Shuangsheng Plastic Mould has nearly 20 years of industry experience and has been committed to the research and development of high-quality SMC / BMC / GMT / LFT and other composite molds and molding processes. The molds are widely used in automobiles, institutions, rail transit, electrical engineering, and building materials. , Bathroom and other fields. As a domestic leader and advocate of composite materials, Shuangsheng Plastic Mould has a professional technical team and advanced hardware facilities to provide customers with strong technical support for the development of molds and products, and coordinate to solve various problems. "Quality first, reputation first, service first" is the purpose of our Shuangsheng people. Shuangsheng Plastic Mould is always looking forward to cooperating with you so that we can become the most reliable friend and develop together!

    Taizhou Huangyan Shuangsheng Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 and is located in Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, which is known as the "Hometown of Tangerines in China" and "Hometown of Moulds". After nearly 20 years of development, Shuangsheng Plastic Mould focuses on the composite material industry. It has standardized modules for the company's mold design, equipped with advanced production equipment and testing instruments, and a complete management system. The molds are exported to the United States, France, Japan, Australia, More than 10 countries and regions including Brazil, India and Morocco have become well-known mold manufacturers in the composite industry at home and abroad. The company has passed ISO9001 and other management system certifications. Shuangsheng Plastic Mould is committed to building a modern mould enterprise with leading scale, advanced technology, first-class management, excellent team, strong execution, excellent quality and high-speed growth.

    0 m2

    Factory area


    Company staff

    0 hundred million+

    Corporate assets


    Annual production of automobile mould


    Export country


    Annual production of sanitary ware mould

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    Make Accurately
    Have 4000T/2000T/1500T press machine, can trail and produce?Max 4000*3000mm tooling.Have complete set of vacuum equipment and heating equipment.Have composite mould forming and auxiliary equipment.Provides strong guarantee for customers to have high quality moulds.

    Research and Develop
    Suase owns a strong technical team in Research and Development, which has been working in mould design and manufacture for years. We have extensive experience in mould structure, process and moulding. Use UG / ProE / Catia / Parasolids / salidworks and other software to optimize product design and shorten product development cycle....

    Company Intro
    "Quality first, reputation first, service first" is our aim. Warmly welcome Chinese and foreign new and old businessmen, people from all walks of life to cooperate wholeheartedly, a total grand exhibition...

    SUASE appeared at the 26th China International Composite Industrial Technology Exhibition

    September 1, 2020????????

    SUASE presented its innovative technologies and products at the 26th China International Composite Industrial Technology Exhibition.In China World Expo Exhibition Hall no. 1 Hall 1413 to provide composite mold demander with optimized design products, high-end mold design and manufacturing concept, accurate tooling inspection solutions and production integration services.

    • ? 120 Jinju road, Chengjiang street, Huangyan district, Zhejiang, China

    • +86-576-84317681

    • market@suase.net

    • ?www.tanenhancers.com
    Copyright ? Taizhou Huangyan Shuangsheng Plastic Mould Co., Ltd